Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I got an email, yesterday, from the Naperville Fine Art Gallery telling me that my other piece of art hanging in their gallery had been sold.  Wanna know how excited I was?  Crazy excited!  Two pieces sold within 2 weeks.
HaPpY DaNcE!!!  HaPpY DaNcE!!! 
This is music to any artists ears!
Since I've been traveling this creative path...I have felt more alive.  I NEVER knew that I could paint or draw until I sat down with a piece of paper on the table, a pencil in my hand, and timidly began.
When I write and you read any exciting news it isn't intended to be boastful.  I am just celebrating out loud.  This path I'm on has it's share of dark times when my resilience it tested.  Those times you will rarely hear me talk about.  Why?  Because I don't want to draw to much attention to something I don't want to have hang around.  I sit with it, sometimes feel sorry for myself, I question why am I doing this.   I have always get to the point where I have enough and I am ready to move on.  I learn what I was supposed to learn.  When I regain myself I come back with more drive than I had before.

I can't express enough how valuable your
continued support and encouragement means to me.
Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Thank You
for being there!

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