Monday, September 21, 2015


I answered a call for artist to an upcoming show at a local gallery and my goal is to submit 2 pieces.  The theme is "Belonging".

"Belonging evokes a sense of inherent connectedness...either to a particular family, tribe, community, or the cosmos.  There's a certain deep're a member, you're related, share the same beliefs, same vision...there is a bond."

As I strode into my studio this morning my intention was to begin creating my first piece.  Let me fast forward...............after a long while, I was coming up blank, nothing, nada, and quite frankly getting rather pissed off.  I thought, "their description speaks my language, why can't I come up with any ideas???".   It was then that it dawned on me that my ego had been in charge, not my heart.  I knew it was time for me to walk away.  That is exactly what I did.

When I returned to my studio it was definitely with a new frame of mind.  I invoked my creative spirit for guidance.  The next thing I knew I was gluing book text onto a 9x12 watercolor paper, adding clear gesso to the top, following with a  fumage technique.  I noticed on the left side of the paper, from the fumage, was the beginning of what looked like a ladies hat.  And off me & my creative spirit went, sketching with a graphite pencil. The next thing I knew is that the piece was done, excluding highlights and shadows.  There will be no critiquing or second guessing this piece for perfection.  It simply is what it is.  As far as I know, right now, the only change will be in the flower.  I think I will do that in oil so it pops.  I took the drawing outside and burned the edges.  Next I will be rusting nails and to tack the paper onto wood.
I release attachment of all outcomes knowing the response will be to it's highest intention.  
With quite expectancy, I let it be.  
And so it is.


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