Friday, July 4, 2014

fireworks and joint compound

For those of you who have been following my creative journey this may be a little redundant yet I feel a snippet of my story is important to re-tell.  Why?  Because there are many people sitting on the sidelines believing they "are not creative", this is what I believed, too.    I am here to tell you that is not the truth.  You are creative!  Always have been, always will be.  You simply need to begin to let your creative spirit out to play.

February, three years ago, on my 58th birthday, was a time of awakening for me.  I knew there was more to life then the daily routine of getting up, going to work, coming home, making supper, going to bed, etc. etc. etc.  You know what I'm talking about.  I didn't dislike my life, I just knew there was something more.   That thought remained in my mind/heart for three months, not knowing what to do about it.  Then one day in August I held a pencil in my hand with paper on my desk and I drew a face-this face. ---->
I was so frickin' excited!  
It was in that moment I knew I was creative!!!

Since that time I have been, and still am, on a creative journey to discover who I am artistically.  At first, I had to squeeze time into my task oriented schedule.  Because it was important to me I was able to do that.  I'm trying all sorts of new techniques and I am finding that within each technique there is something that makes me squeal with excitement.  My biggest obstacle I am forever faced with is FEAR.  Fear of this or fear of that!  The more I am aware of this the more determination is sparked to achieve my dream in spite of it.  I heard the saying, "give me a slow beginner and I'll show you a winner".    Well...that's me!  A slow beginner.  My life has changed.  Now that I am expressing myself creatively, I am enjoying life on a whole new level.  I feel more alive from the inside out. 

Back in April I posted about the urge to paint big, yet I was intimidated (fear in disguise).   I pulled out a blank canvas that measures 24" x 36" and hung it on my Living Room wall until I could muster up the courage to begin.  
Feel free to click this link to

Fast forward three months to July. (remember I confessed to being a slow beginner!) Today I brought the blank canvas up to my studio  and sat it on my easel to begin painting it.   I decided for my first large canvas will use a lesson from Donna Downey's 48 Weeks class as my inspiration.  It's the fourth of July and the fireworks and joint compound are flying in my studio followed by lots of oo's and ah's.  Note to self:  next time put a tarp or some protective covering on the floor!  :-)  I immediately felt the satisfaction of overcoming a fear by simply beginning.

Here's what I did so far.
I began by mixing gesso with Golden Fluid medium Payne's Gray.  Using more gesso at the top and less toward the bottom.  After that was dry I applied joint compound with a spatula to create clouds.  I allowed the  joint compound to dry a little before brushing more gesso in a circular motion over the joint compound.   As I sit here looking at the painting I feel perfectionism (this is a form of fear) creeping in.   It's time to haul this baby back into the Living Room to dry. 

I sure hope you will stay tuned and be a witness to the progression of this piece.  It will be exciting to have you celebrate with me overcoming fear and creating my first large canvas.

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  1. I absolutely love watching you go through this journey of yours!!



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