Saturday, July 19, 2014

it is me

I have been dedicating time to draw more faces.  I continue to be surprised that I can even do this!!!  This is the motivating drive behind Create Art with Abandon.   I want to encourage others to let their creative spirit out to play and uncover your creative talents.  WE ARE ALL CREATIVE!   You absolutely never know what is there inside you  until you give it a chance to come out.  I am filled with gratitude that I took the chance to travel this creative path.  I am learning more and more about myself, everyday.  I continue to be thirsty for more. It  was in August 2011 that I drew my first face that ignited my spark.

Yesterday afternoon, I took my pencil and drawing journal, turned on some music, lit some incense, sat in the chair in my studio, and started drawing myself.  I had thought about drawing myself many times but could not muster up the courage.  This was the day I chose to overcome resistance and just do it.     Sometimes it wasn't easy looking at all my wrinkles and darkness under my eyes.  Yet it was me.  I knew my take on it was personal so I asked my husband for his opinion, after all he does see me all the time.   He hesitated, then began his remarks.  Naturally he was right, just don't tell him!  :-)  I proceeded to erase one whole side of my face to begin again.

It's funny because as I write this post and look at my drawing I still see things I could change but I won't.  I delcare it done.  I recall the self talk thru this process and it makes me smile.  
                                                  After is me!


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