Sunday, July 6, 2014

I am one happy chick

I feel so happy, relieved, excited, energized, empowered, fearless, artistic, etc.  all rolled into one.   WHY?  You may ask.  Today I overcame a big, big hurdle in my creative journey.  This may not seem so big to some people but to me it was huge!

Three months ago I was feeling the urge to paint on a big canvas.  The largest I had ever painted was in a moleskin journal.  This size, 24" x 36",  I had never tackled before.  I bought all sized of canvases knowing that eventually I would take the step forward.  I, also, prodded  myself along by putting a blank canvas on my wall in the Living Room.  It was like a sticky note reminding me of something to do.
I am more than happy to announce...              I did it!  I did it!  I did it!

I'm  going to hang another blank canvas!

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