Sunday, July 13, 2014

a family that creates art together...has fun together

I visited my sister, Bonnie,  this weekend in Indiana and decided to gather some of my family together to Create Art with Abandon.  I immediately was able to fill five seats around the table.  They were all ready to be relaxed, hang out with family, and create art.   I enjoyed listening to the remarks and seeing the puzzled looks on their faces after each layer was applied to the canvas.  I know they were wondering how in the heck anything worthwhile would come from the "mess" they saw on their canvas.  With a little reassurance and chanting the mantra "there is no mistakes in art" each person began to to see their piece of art coming to life.  This is the part of teaching Creating Art with Abandon classes that fills me with such joy.  When each person realizes, from deep within, that they are creative.  It touches my heart even more when it's family.  Just look at the awesome pieces they created.  


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  1. I love this! Thanks again. Such a wonderful time.



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