Monday, July 21, 2014

it is time to let it go

Lately, I have been spending time drawing familiar faces.  It's been exciting to see the final pieces and having them resemble the person I was drawing.  My latest one was a selfie!  Which I found to be quite challenging.  I should have known to stop there.

This week end I decided to tackle an iconic picture of my Mom from 1958 when she was 33 yrs old.  Anyone who was close to my Mother knows this was, by far, one of her favorite pictures of her.  My Mom was beautiful and she loved having her picture taken.

OMGoodness... I have toiled over and reworked  this drawing almost all week end.  I can't seem to figure out what it needs.  I am even embarrassed to show you (so I won't) some of "what I thought" was finished pieces.  On Sunday my husband convinced me to lay the drawing down and do some yard work.  Which I did and found the change of pace was just what I needed.  This morning when I got up, filled with enthusiasm,  I opened my art journal to finally complete Mom's drawing.  After several hours again of reworking her face I have finally decided to call it quits.

Perfectionism was getting the best of me, I was wanting my drawing to be really, really good.  I know why, too.  It's because of the sentiment behind the photo.  Even though I am 61 yrs. old the little girl inside me was wanting to do a good job for my Mother.   When in actuality, if my Mom was alive and saw it she would say, "Teresa Ann, you did a great job and I look so pretty!" (that's just what Mom's do)

A facebook friend of mine, Suzanne McRae,  asked a question "Who do you pray to when you have lost something and need help finding it? St. Anthony... anyone else?"  Maybe that is my answer.  I'll ask St. Anthony to help me find my mojo for drawing my Mother.

What I know for sure...when creating art and it truly isn't fun anymore I have found it is time to let it go.  Which is what I am doing with this piece.  I have sprayed fixative on it so I will not be able to rework it.  Yet it will be one I to try again once I gain more experience.

OH, I almost forgot to show you the drawing I did of my Mother.


  1. I think you did an awesome job! Don't be so hard on yourself!

  2. This is a touching post Teresa and it's so heart-warming to think of you drawing away trying to please your mom. Tugs at the heart strings for sure.

    You did an amazing job on your drawing. Be proud of the final result. It's beautiful.




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