Monday, July 28, 2014

three pages added

Yesterday there were 3 more pages added to my Create Art with Abandon journal.  These pages begin with left over paint from mine or students brushes, these pages are used to demonstrate a technique or sometimes the reverse side of a stencils will be added, or simply anything else may included.  The pages are dried then stowed away.  After a while I will remove them from my bin and add details to complete it.  After doing this for many pages, I am totally convinced that art can be created with abandon and that each and everyone of us are creative.  Sometimes we may just need a little guidance and/or reassurance.  This is one of the deciding factors for me to teach Create Art with Abandon classes.  If you want you can read more about my mission here
For the one below, it was clearly in my heart and mind to include messages of encouragement.  They are speaking to me and the journey I am on.   I've enlarged the photo so you can take a moment to read the messages, do the resonate with you, too?


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