Sunday, September 18, 2016

she was my guardian angel

Ms. Linke played a pivotal role in my life.
She proved to be more than my kindergarten teacher, she was my guardian angel.

Back in the day...when it was time for a child to be enrolled into school for the first time it was customary for the public health nurse to make a home visit. This may have only applied to poor people, which is the category my family fell into. She came to our house for the evaluation and was concerned to find a child (me) who was extremely introverted and who couldn't speak. I only made grunting noises. It's my understanding, that her recommendation was for me to be placed in a home for "retarded" children. (remember this was in the 1950s-very common) Ms. Linke intervened and persuaded my Mom to allow her one year to work with me before she followed thru. My Mom agreed. This is where the long road of speech therapy began and lasted all the way until high school

I am currently enrolled in several on-line classes that are offering the opportunity and tools to dig deep into our past for clarification. This prompt is from Jeanne Oliver's class Reflections : Paint Your Story . Creating a cast of characters who have played a role, good or bad, in your life.



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