Saturday, September 24, 2016

He's the one that gave me the nickname of Top Cat.

I actually thought I was done with my cast of characters until I woke up this morning with this knowing that I had to talk about Uncle Travis.  
He was one of my mother's younger brothers and my favorite uncle.
When he would come to visit my world would light up. 
Even tho I had a speech impediment he always seemed to know exactly what I was trying to say.  He's the one that gave me the nickname of Top Cat.
He made me feel special!
Unfortunately his life was cut short from a car accident at the young age of 32.  I was devastated! 
 For the longest time I believed it was my fault.
Here's why...
Because we had no inside plumbing, at night instead of going to the outhouse  we used "the pot" inside the house.   
Uncle Travis accidentally walked in on me while I was using "the pot".
I felt really embarrassed and I wished he would go away.
So when he died I thought I was responsible.
In retrospect, I see that I carried that guilt with me for a very, very long time.
Thank You, Uncle Travis.

I am currently enrolled in several on-line classes that are offering the opportunity and tools to dig deep into our past for clarification.  

This prompt is from Jeanne Oliver's class Reflections : Paint Your Story
Creating a cast of characters who have played a role, good or bad, in your life. 


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