Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stand in your light

Often I (we) realize I am holding myself back from things I am truly capable of.  I (we) can conjure up many pliable reasons why I (we) can't do something yet when I (you)  dissect all those reasons it seems to always  boil down to fear.  Fear of failure...fear of being judged...fear of this or fear of can even be fear of success!

I saw a video clip, on FaceBook  today, of this man who was in a wheel chair apparently he was a paraplegic.  He drove a big dump truck for a living.  He pulled himself up into the truck using only his arms.  From the seat of the truck he reached way down and disassembled his wheel chair, putting the pieces in the passenger seat of the truck. 
 Watching this video reinforced the meaning and depth behind my piece I created in my art journal yesterday.

I want so much for be able to make this art business successful, to be able to support myself financially, that I loose track of my true purpose.   Thus opening the door for a sorts of fears to come creeping in.  Some of them I don't even realize are there until I look deep.  At this juncture of my creative journey I want to "Stand In My Light".  What does that mean?  Well I  haven't totally been able to formulate into words yet, other than to just be me and do what I love.    I know what it means in my heart, tho.  That's the most important place.
My art comes from my heart.
Here are a few photos I took during the creation of this piece.  The middle one is the ugly stage.  This one used to stop me dead in the tracks until I learned the secret to "just keep going".
the sketch
beginning of shadows & highlights
the ugly stage
Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!


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