Monday, September 19, 2016

you are so very special

Granny King

She was the mother of the pastor of the small baptist church we went to when I was little. 
I think everyone called her Granny King.
She was a short stout woman, looking very grandmotherly, with the sweetest look about her face.
I recall many times Granny King would sit me on her lap, nestle me close to her, and whisper in my ear. 
"You are so very special!  One day you will see."
If I close my eyes and get really still I can hear her words.
Words do have power.
I believe she was a messenger sent to me from God. 
I am forever grateful to Granny King and the role she played in my life.

I am currently enrolled in several on-line classes that are offering the opportunity and tools to dig deep into our past for clarification.  

This prompt is from Jeanne Oliver's class Reflections : Paint Your Story
Creating a cast of characters who have played a role, good or bad, in your life.


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