Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When they knew better, they did better

As I grew older is when I began to appreciate, I mean really appreciate, my parents and ALL they have done for me.  
I may not have seen it in my younger years but I certainly do now.
When I began to see them as regular people and to put their lives in perspective is when I felt a shift.
 The blame and the shame washed away.  
In reality, they did the best they could with what they knew and when they knew better, they did better. ― (Maya Angelou)

I have acquired many positive attributes directly related back to them and the way I was raised.
I am choosing to celebrate the good things and learn from the not-so good things.
Both reside as a learning experiences.
The reference photo I use for this drawing was from a little photo taken of them in the spring after I was born.

I am currently enrolled in several on-line classes that are offering the opportunity and tools to dig deep into our past for clarification.  

This prompt is from Jeanne Oliver's class Reflections : Paint Your Story
Creating a cast of characters who have played a role, good or bad, in your life. 


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