Sunday, October 2, 2016

just a little off kilter

It would be fairly accurate to say that lately I have been feeling a little off kilter. 
I believe several contributing factors may be from two on-line classes I am currently enrolled in:  
Jeanne Oliver's Reflections : Paint Your Story and Melody Ross's Soul Restoration
There's a lot of soul searching and cleansing going on.
I am currently creating a cast of characters who have played a role, good or bad, in my life.
The characters that were in the good category were easy. I shared some of the stories in previous posts.
Now I'm delving into those bad characters. Not too fun! These characters I will keep private
I'm sitting with these feelings knowing that (mentally) running away or trying to hide is not an option.
I'll wear my BIG girl panties and face them head on.
On the others side I will be blessed with a broader knowing and understanding of myself.

In the meantime...
Today, in my journal, I created this sweet little girl amongst some very happy daisies.
While I created this piece my heart was filled with peace and love.
(acrylic, charcoal, pan pastels)


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