Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I have found another love

I have found a another love (artistically speaking that is) ... ENCAUSTIC MEDIUM.
I have played with it off and on in the past but I never was serious about it.
Not certain what prompted me to pull out my supplies out again but I am sure glad I did.
I am having a blast.
I am learning lots.  What I am learning I have been sharing with my friend, Christine.  Together we have been reveling over the outcomes.  Almost like little kids. (This kind of excitement is ten times more enjoyable when you share it with someone.  Which is why I love to teach!)

In May 2016 I had created this piece I titled, "Balance".  I liked it yet I felt it was missing something.  Last week while I was learning more about how to use encaustic medium I pulled this piece out.  I began adding layers of wax and fusing.  I noticed the piece was changing and appeared to be coming more alive.   I recalled the flower presses I had  stowed away in my basement from previous years when I pressed flowers as a hobby.  I brought them upstairs from storage.  I began adding leaves, flowers, and more wax to the piece.  
What a transformation!

                                                      Let me show you.    
By applying encaustic medium to this piece it has more interest, depth and richness. 
Encaustic is a keeper and will be a technique I will use more often in my art.

 I finished this piece yesterday.   It's of my oldest sister Judy when she was, I believe, in 3rd grade.  I used encaustic medium to layer the photo and flowers.
One of my desires is to develop creative ways for people to display photos.
To get them out of storage boxes and put them where they can be enjoyed.

To learn more about:
  • Scheduling a time to create art with me
  • Ordering a custom made piece of art

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!


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