Friday, August 25, 2017

"Goddess Within" custom work

I got a message from a customer who purchased a piece of art from me several years ago.   
Her  sister had been visiting, saw the art, and "absolutely LOVE IT".   
She was wondering if I would make one like it that she could give as a birthday gift.
After explaining that you can never make an exact piece of art like the original 
she said go ahead and get as close as possible.
By this time I am stoked and ready to go.

13"W x 15"L loose canvas 
Gessoed then added a layer of joint compound for texture
After it dried I sanded then applied matte medium to seal the surface
Glazed with Golden Raw Umber
Sketched with charcoal
Added color using PanPastels and acrylic paint
Added more colors to the background using PanPastels
More texture added to the background with joint compound
After it dried I sanded it then sealed it with matte medium 
I wanted more depth to the background so added coffee ground, let it dry overnight
PanPastels and acrylic paints
Randomly added drops of black india ink
Stenciled vertical lines
Added more color with PanPastels
Stenciled the headdress using a paper doily and flexible modeling paste
Sprayed final fixative
After the headdress dried I sanded it then added more modeling paste to make it larger
Applied matte varnish
After the varnish dried I stippled another layer of matte varnish 
Let it dry for several days.
Varnished an vintage wooden clothes hanger, created a wire hoop with stone embellishment as a way to hang it
Attached the canvas to the wooden hanger
Signed it.
I delivered this piece of art today and my customer LOVED it!
What a good feeling when the art I "create from my heart" is genuinely appreciated.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I will continue to do this because of YOU!


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