Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bringing my art to life

In January I signed up for  an on-line art class by Jeanne-Marie Webb titled, "Soul Bearers".  She taught us to make sculptures using air dry clay.  Once I got my hands in that clay and felt it moving beneath my fingertips I knew that I was hooked.  I just had to follow down this path.  I set out making a whole family of armatures.  Having lots of fun, too!  Previously I shared several sculptures I had made here and here.

Recently it came to me how exciting it would be if I took previous art pieces I have drawn/painted and give them another dimension.  Almost like "bringing them to life".  The thought of doing this has stirred a tremendous amount of excitement within my soul.  The intention was set... onward I went...  Now I'm ready to show you my first sculpture  along with the inspirational art I previously created.  The original art was created as part of my,  "Simple Truths/Simple Reminder", series.  I'm pretty sure we all, at some time in our life, have  experienced the comfort of knowing that we've got a friend. Especially in those times when we feel all alone or we feel like the weight of the world seems to be on our shoulders.  I know I have been there before.
"You've Got a Friend"
Click the image to enlarge.

She is approx. 9"H x 4"W
She is ready to be taken home by someone or given as a gift.
I'm letting you see her first.
If you are interested let me know and I will give you more details.
She hasn't made it to my on-line store yet


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