Sunday, August 27, 2017

Speak Your Truth - SOLD

My art, Speak Your Truth,  was being shown, along with other artists from Studios630
at The Corner House in Lombard, IL.
I was very pleased to learn that it has been sold.

I am a full-time artist.
Selling my art and leading workshops is the way I earn a living.

  I am completely aware that could not do this without your support. 
There are no words to express how important each and everyone of you are to me!
Your words of encouragement are immeasurable, they lift me up on those days of uncertainty and propel me forward.
When you share my posts or links with your friends and family you help me reach other people.
I feel blessed each time you purchase any of my art, large or small.
Even though the money earned from each sale is a valuable asset what I find more precious are the comments of how my art touches another's heart. 

I exchanged emails from the person who purchased "Speak Your Truth" and this is a portion of what was written...
"when I walked into the Corner House yesterday and saw "Speak Your Truth" it stopped me in my tracks.  It was as if the woman in your painting was speaking to me telling me that I needed to continue with my work, that it is my purpose to help people, that I need to "Speak My Truth" so to speak."

This is why I create "art from my heart".


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