Friday, January 30, 2015

Gotta tell you the story...

Put yourself in my shoes.

My intention for working in my studio today was to "create something different".  I wanted to venture out from realistic looks.  So got out my paper and taped it to the board on my easel.  I started off by scribbling with water color crayons and blending them with gesso.  I kept some squiggly lines on each side to maybe use for hair later on,  Then I drew the outline of the features of her face using Paynes Gray acrylic paint and my palette knife.
I got out my little palette knife and worked for several hours on the details.  It is a very tedious endeavor because the palette knives aren't really conducive for fine work.  So it's a matter of making a mark and reworking that mark several times.  I happen to enjoy the process.  She was looking pretty good I thought.  Don't you?
I started to receive little nudges from my creative muse.  There were two messages I received.   #1. Although the piece I was working on was looking good it wasn't what my intention was for the day.  To "create something different" was my intention.  #2.  Out of the corner of my eyes I spotted, sitting on my inspiration shelf, my I Wanna See You Be Brave piece that I did a while back.  That was all it took to push me onward.  It's about stepping forward.
With little thought as what to do next I grabbed Carbon Black acrylic paint and Permanent Violet Dark acrylic paint and started smearing them on.  After those dried I added Micaceous Iron Oxide, which is one of my favorites.  I tried to stay clear of the features on her face.  This is the results.
I could feel my inner critic wanting to chime in but I shut her down quickly.   My muse had urged me and I was without doubt that the story wasn't going to end this way.  I couldn't deny the truth, tho, I thought she looked like a pretty werewolf.   I looked at her intently and thought what can I do?    So I laid the board flat and started dropping rubbing alcohol on her and wiping it off.  I then took my charcoal pencil and drew her a chin and one side of her neck.
"Beneath it All"

I am liking her so I titled her.   I don't think she is done but I will stop for now and look at her for a while to decide what to do.  My husband, John, will be surprised when he sees it.

Thanks for your encouragement and support.


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