Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lady who needs a name

This morning I woke up with the yearning to draw/paint another piece of art using only palette knives.  This would mark my 2nd  piece where I only used a palette knife.  The chatter in my head was trying to plant the seed of doubt.  And to be honest,  for a brief moment I was a little leery, but I quickly flipped the switch on that thought.  What the heck ~ let's do it.  I just began at the beginning.  I am still tickled to see this body of work comes from me.  Makes me want to keep reaching to see how far I can go.

I used 4 different sizes of palette knives and my fingers.  Those were my only tools.

Here is ......... (she has no name yet)
Any ideas?
 Thank You for your support and encouragement.

1 comment :

  1. She reminds me of a Great Gatsby gal. Daisy was a character in the book and F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author, had a wife named Zelda. That said, I vote for Daisy or Zelda.



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