Saturday, April 16, 2011

Here's part of my story ( a short version) that goes like this.....

             As Kelly Rae Roberts says in her artwork "your story matters...tell it".
This will be a sneak peek into my world.  After 58 years I have lots of stories to tell.  I do not profess to be a writer, I am just wanting to share some pieces of who I am.

The spring of 1993 I was sitting on my bathroom floor crying  really hard about something disappointing that happened at work that day.  I can't even remember now what had me so upset.  I cried for a long time and all of a sudden I realized all the energy I was wasting and wondered what would happened if I took the negative energy and turned it into positive energy.   I got up from the bathroom floor and went into my
and drew this picture. 
I cannot not find the proper words to describe what kind of feeling I got when I was done.  All I know is that it changed the direction of my life.  From that time forward smiling became more important to me.  The big wide grin became part of me.  I had professional cards made, on the back side was written "If each of us would find a way to bring a smile to someone's day, we could make a difference in the world.".  I would drop that card any place I could, anyway I could to get the message across.  The message is much deeper than just showing your teeth, but that is a great beginning. 

A couple of months later I had a dream, when I got out of bed I drew a picture of an angel and then as soon as I could I made one.  She is a Good News angel who delivers the same message, "If each of us would find a way to bring a smile to someones day, we could make a difference in the world". 
                                   Here she is.
I love this little angel!  Oh my gosh, I just realized... she is 18 years old.  Whew!!  There has been alot of hands to help make her in those years.  When my daughter was a teenager her boyfriend use to paint the shoes for me so he could have some spending money.  To this day he will still talk about the Good News angel.  I use to put her in baskets with a sign that said Angels for Hire and people would take them to their work and sell them because they believed in the message, as well.  I've sold them at craft shows.  I would enlist a friend to help me and we would take sheets and wrap around us to dress like angels.  Wearing a sign around our neck that said Angels for Hire. We sold angles like crazy and we had fun!  My friend, Pauline, called me one day with some cool news that she had been to someone's house, someone she didn't know, and one of my angels was hanging on the wall.  Pauline was so excited to tell me that and  I was excited to hear it. 

The way the Good News angel came into my life is bigger than I can totally comprehend.  I am going bring her back into the world again.  The message she delivers is just as important today as it has been in the past years.

There's more stories......later.
I'd like to hear your stories.


  1. teresa this is so cool i enjoy reading everything sherry

  2. was realy nice :)
    me guesta

  3. Love your story Teresa! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a fabulous comment! I am really happy to finally be in a gallery and find a little more confidence in the quality of my work. I'm just crossing my fingers that at least a few of my paintings sell, just to break even from the framing costs! I need to create more on canvas to avoid those costs next time! Your message about smiling really hit home. I don't smile enough and I don't know why! I guess I tend to be pretty serious and intense, but I'm going to focus on smiling more. I know that it creates positive energy. Here is a short little story about how a smile affects me. Every morning there is a woman who walks on the same road I drive my kids to school on. She smiles and waves at every car that passes, and I always smile and wave back. Her smile literally puts sunshine in my heart. She makes me happy, and I don't even know her! I've often thought about pulling over and telling her how special her smile is to me...but I'm kind of shy and probably couldn't work up the courage. At any rate...smiles really do bring something positive to each and every one of us, so yes, I'm going to smile more often!

    1. I double dog dare you to move out of your comfort zone to stop one day and let the lady know how much her smile and wave mean to you!! You will probably really make her day. Let me know when you do it! OK?

  4. hi teresa congrats on etsy that is so cool sounds like everything is going great for you im doing fine take care i truly enjoying looking at your site sherry



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