Saturday, April 23, 2011

My morning walk

While I was on  my morning walk I was listening to music and the song "Stay the Same" by Joey McIntyre came on.  I found myself getting teary eyed especially at the part about believe in yourself.  Normally I would have tried to compose myself in case someone would see me, I wouldn't want them to notice my emotion.   Instead I chose to stay in the moment and, in a heartfelt way, listen to the song.  Really listen to the words.  I am so glad I did.   I played the song again and again but this time I was singing. :-)  After I got home I realized I had just received an answer to a question I have been asking.  Believe in yourself!

1 comment :

  1. Isn't it amazing when that happens? When you receive the very thing you've ben asking for and didn't even realize it until you received it! I have the same reaction when receiving precious gifts, like believing in yourself, shedding a wee bit of tears. I call it tears of joy! Tears of joy from the heart expanding. Best to you! and thank you so much for sharing this moment, it's made me smile! All My Best, Stephey



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