Friday, January 20, 2017

I will rise again!

My balloon may have been deflated........
I WILL rise again!

This blog is about my creative journey.  
Of the venturing out into the cyber world, sharing my art, and telling my truth.
I am focusing on being balanced and determined 
to take each step presented to propel myself and my art into the world.  
One of those steps, for me, is to get my art published in magazines.
On a cold day in December I put my "brave girl cape" on and submitted a piece of art 
to Cloth-Paper Scissors magazine for the Mixed-Media Flowers challenge.   
At that time I felt I had a really good chance of being selected. 
Today, I learned I that my name was not on the chosen list.
I wouldn't be included in this challenge.

If I am to speak my truth I will admit I was a little disappointed.
Yet what pleases me the most is to recognize that feeling dissipated rather quickly. 
I am learning in my studies of the Law of Attraction thru Abraham-Hicks that the more energy I put into something via my thoughts and feelings I will received more of the same.
I'm learning how to choose what I think and feel about.
Here is what I know, plain and simple, it is true I wasn't accepted into the magazine, at this time.
I will continue submitting to this magazine and many others.
I will eventually be accepted.

I WILL rise again!

Anyway.  Ready to see my art?
Poppies made from hot glue


  1. It is beautiful, Teresa . . . and I am so proud of you. for submitting. for sharing your feelings. for rising . . . again. Hugs, my friend.

  2. SO lovely!! Thank you for sharing your journey, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the law of attraction. I will subscribe and watch your journey faithfully. And in my humble opinion, it's the magazine's loss!!



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