Tuesday, May 24, 2016


A couple weeks ago I was asked to paint another original piece of art like a previous piece.
I had never done this before and quite honestly I was a little reluctant to even attempt it. I could list all the logical  reasons not to do it and every reason could be quite convincing.  Yet I was drawn to the idea.  Not in a negative way, it was more like a urging to move onward.  I chose to sit with it.  Meditate on it.  My thoughts began to shift.  I no longer viewed it as a challenge instead I saw it as an opportunity for growth.  Once again to overcome resistance (otherwise identified as fear). 90% of the time I create art from my heart,  I do not document the paint colors, the techniques I did, etc.  Which was the #1 item on my list of reasons not to do this.

What I discovered, by following thru with creating this piece is the essence remains the same...it's
Art from my Heart.
I am so grateful that I believed enough to conquer any imagined fear.

What are you resisting that could potentially propel you forward?


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