Sunday, October 5, 2014

I'm Just a Little Angel with a BIG message

I'm just a little angel with a BIG message.
I've come to recognize that one of the main reasons I create art is to express something I am feeling that I may not be able to put into words.   The depth of what I feel sometimes is broader than I can verbally express.

As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I been feeling a tugging at my heart strings to allow my precious little angels to honor all the BRAVE women who are dealing with or have overcome breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter.  I honestly can not even imagine what it would be like.  I have witnessed others trudging thru their life, the sickness experienced from chemo, the strength used and the agony felt just to get thru  daily activities,  loosing their hair, fear of the unknown and many, many more struggles.  I am in awe with their resilience to conquer.  These ladies have tremendous courage to make it from one day to the next.  You are REMARKABLE!

This cancer thing has been hitting close to home lately. I lost my older sister Judy to leukemia last September and now another sister recently had surgery and the doctor removed 45 pounds of cancerous tumors from inside her.  She is about to start chemo with hopes it will destroy any cancer cells that may be hiding within her body.  The projected outcome is optimistic yet the power of prayer is phenomenal
so if you can add her to your prayers I would be filled with gratitude.

I have made 25 Little Angels and designated them Breast Cancer Awareness Angels.
If you know someone going thru or has survived breast cancer a Little Angel may just be the way to let her know how much you admire her courage, when words don't seem to be enough.
Or the Little Angel can be a reminder for you of that special person you know that displayed tremendous courage.
These little angels are at my on-line store.

For each angel sold $5.00 will go toward anonymously buying groceries for someone in need.
It's a win - win!


  1. Such a WONDERFUL thing to do Aunt Teresa. I am so GREATFUL that you are my Aunt. Your like Fairy dust spreading love all around I LOVE IT. Love Nita

  2. Such a wonderful project Teresa! I would like to make a private donation.



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