Thursday, August 14, 2014

what a transformation

Last week I extended an invitation to participate in an creative endeavor I called A Virtual Collaborative Painting.  Quite a while ago I had started painting an  18" x 18", it has just been hanging around in my studio.
So I asked people to look at the canvas and tell me what to add to the artwork.  I would paint their request. My intention was to prove, once again, that  we are all creative and there are no mistakes in art.  There were 7 ladies who joined in on the fun.  I know for certain that each and everyone had a good time and will eagerly participate the next time.  I'll admit, at first,  I thought what the "bleep-bleep"  have I gotten myself into!  :-)  I was getting requests of things I had never drawn before.  Google images became my assistant with inspiration to draw from.  Yet it amazes me how easily I drew/painted each object.  I wasn't worried about the outcome.   I just knew it was all going to be OK.  My creative muse was indeed working overtime.

Let me introduce you to those ladies and what their requests were:
     *Julie Crowe - strawberry plant with a blue/black butterfly on it
     *Jeanne Grode - dainty pink flowers with a hummingbird nearby
     *Zonie Christopher - bullfrog sitting on a lily pad
     *Zenitha Comstock - stars and raindrops
     *Brenda Huggins - clouds and sun
     *Linda Kinnaman - sunflowers
     *Darlene Kwasniewski - a hummingbird drinking from a Canterbury flower

Just six days later ...    what a transformation!
I am blown away with how it all turned out.  I would have never, in a million years, thought a bullfrog sitting on a lily pad would go with what looked like the beginning of an abstract painting.  Every item added to this piece from my seven virtual artist has meshed well together.  What an inspirational piece this has become.

Thank You, Ladies!  I am grateful for each and everyone of you who took me up on this offer to and create art with me.

Guess what else?  I am over the moon excited to let you know this piece of art has been 
and will be going to a good home.
Yes... I am doing the Happy Dance!


  1. AMAZING!!! I love how it turned out!

  2. Turned out great! will you have any prints made from it? Brenda Huggins



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