Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the naked truth

I am really hesitant when it comes to talking about what I am doing but since this blog is about my creative journey my intention is to bare it all.  

As you may or may not know I lost my job mid January due to restructuring of the company. (no moaning and groaning, please) At first it set me into a tail spin, oh hell, I'll even admit that I was frickin' lost.  Fourteen years is a long time.  It didn't take long for fear to set in by dangling all the "what ifs" in front of my face and trying to convince that doomsday had arrived.  Yes I was faced with the fact that I no longer had a steady job or a steady income.  But fear made it seem ten times worse.  I bought into it for a while.   I cried, I moped around, I felt really sad, I  felt broken.   All the while I kept my smile face on.   No one knew what I was feeling on the inside. 

It was around my birthday in February that I had had enough, I was tired of the pity party.  I resolved to pick myself up by the seat of the pants and move on.  The core of who I am has always believed that everything happens for a reason.  It's when we embrace the reality, get busy looking for the lesson(s) to be learned, and being grateful for what we do have that things will turn around.  Above all else is to have faith in the Universe/God.  That was my new approach.  I created a new routine.  I started going to the gym, I continued with my daily meditation followed by writing in my journal, and I immersed myself in creating art with abandon.   I look back at the artwork I have produced since January and my heart smiles because each piece mirrors this path I have been on.  

I firmly believe that this creative path I am on is exactly where I am suppose to be.  I'm not sure where is will take me, I just know that I will continue to put step in front of the other and be on merry my way.     

I can not be successful alone.  It takes people buying my art or items I make and sharing them with their friends and family.  I sincerely want to  my website as appealing as possible and your opinion would be extremely helpful.  I am open to constructive criticism.   Please browse thru my website at and then send me an email at providing me feedback.  I realize that your life is busy and I  am very grateful for your assistance.


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