Wednesday, November 30, 2011

let it go

As you guys may know, I have been watching Oprah's Life Class.  These classes have encouraged  me to do some soul searching which, in turn, has inspired me in creating art.   Until I started asking myself "deep" questions I never realized how much stuff (shit) I have been holding onto.  A little bit or alot doesn't matter, it is still stuff that is holding me back. This journey that I am on is about letting my creative spirit out to play, which is also about setting myself free.  I am beginning to pay more attention to things in my life from a whole new perspective.  Sometimes I do not like what I see while I am an observer of my life, yet I know it is only when I am aware that I can shift my thoughts and or actions.  That would be my step #1 with many more to follow.

I want to thank Christina Fajardo, a very talented artist,  for posting about Oprah's Life Class on her facebook page.  I was listening to your encouragement!

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