Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my word for 2013

"to apply oneself to improving or developing"

Last year I was introduced to the idea of choosing a word and applying it to the year, using the word to motivate and guide me through out the year.  In 2012 my word was New Beginnings click here to read more  I had many new beginnings. 

This year my word is cultivate.  You may associate the word with farming and agriculture and that's OK.  My creative journey, as well as my life,  and farming have a lot  a similarities.  The definition I am referring to is "to apply oneself to improving and developing".  All the seeds I planted, all the new beginnings I have started, I am ready to tend to them and develop them.  It feels calmly exciting!  
I belong with a group of artist and we are all sharing each other's 2013 word as just another way to encourage each other.  If you want to read more words just click on this link.

Did you choose a word for 2013?  Tell me if you did and what your word means to you, I really want to hear.

Keep Smiling!


  1. I love the word cultivate. It has shown up in my visual journal pages often! Teresa, you might want to join my Pay It Forward project (on my blog right now)--what I didn't mention in my "guidelines" is that I'm using a single powerful WORD to create my handmade item... would fit perfectly for you :)))

    Happy New Year to you. Best, Erin

  2. My word/phrase for 2013 is "letting go".

    Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year, dear friend!

  3. i love your word!
    enjoy your year of cultivating
    your life:)

  4. Love how you have found your word for 2013 Teresa. I did that for 2-3 years in a row, was going to give it a break this year but now am wishing to find it and can't. lol Maybe it will come, maybe it won't. Happy New Year!! xo

  5. i love your world cultivate. it reminds me to sow goodness and kindness and watch it grow!

  6. "Cultivate" is great! My word is "grow". Actually, I should probably "cultivate" before I can "grow". We'll see if I can do it in the wrong order. :) Happy New Year!

  7. Great word, have an awesome 2013.

  8. Love it! "Cultivate" has such a great meaning. I am certain that those seeds you have planted, with turn into a lavish and bountiful harvest for you this year! Have a wonderful 2013 Teresa! Xo

  9. Hi Teresa!
    Love your word for 2013! The word cultivate makes me think of so many wonderful things- the process of helping things grow, guiding the good in all things!
    Thank you for the reminder of one of the important things in life!
    -Amy Kathleen



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