Friday, December 30, 2011


My word for 2012 is going to be "beginnings".  Beginnings can represent the start of something new or changes in your current life. The creative journey that I'm committed to has totally new and has taken me out of my comfort zone and everything is a beginning. I want to accept those beginnings in a more positive frame instead of always wishing I already knew everything. After all it has been said many times to "enjoy the journey".  I have experienced my share of fumbling at the start of a new project and then there are those times I totally surprised myself and did pretty darn good.  I have encountered people who support my journey and I've came across nay sayers.  It's forever changing.

This year has been good to me yet I am ready for the next one, even if it means getting a year older. Most of the challenges I faced, with time, I was able to transform them into learning experiences.  I found the silver lining.  That doesn't mean I didn't get pissed off at some stuff because I did.  I just chose not to stay in that frame of mind.  Looking forward  is my way of accepting change.  Change can be difficult if I allow myself to dwell on what I am letting go of instead of anticipating what I am gaining. 
I am in the midst of  beginning to open my Etsy shop and officially start selling my art to the public.   I'm excited and scared all rolled into one package.  So.... I am going to concentrate on my word beginning and let the rest fall into place.  The knowledge that everything happens for a reason and ability to learn from the unpleasnat things will help me not let fear hold me back.
Thanks for your continued support it means more to me than you know.

Have a Happy New Year!


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