Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our trip to Sedona

John & I just returned from another wonderful time in Sedona, AZ.  There are so many things I love about Sedona.   The scenery is breathtaking!  I'm more at peace when I am there.  It is one of my goals to own a home there with a studio overlooking the red rocks.   One day it will come true!  In the meantime, I continue to enjoy our annual trip.  I lived in Arizona for approx 1.5 years and in that time I became more in touch with my spiritual side.  That may be why it  feels "right" to me. 

Each day in Sedona John & I we would rise early and hike, often times we would be climbing the red rocks.  One day we started on this path called Lizard Head Trail, it was not a well known trail to the tourists, it was one the locals would do. We were thinking it was going to be on low land.  Well it wasn't, it was quite high up.  It was probably one of the most strenuous hikes we had done.  I was getting sorta scared at what was ahead until we met Brian.  He was a local guy sitting at the top of a boulder.  We stopped him to gather some info on where we were and where this trail was headed.  John got the fine details from him but I believe I got a greater message.  He said to let the mountain teach me.  I was not longer concerned, I was more focus on learning the lessons. 
Here are a few the things I discovered.
*I can do alot more than I give myself credit for
*When a can't do attitude creeps in realize I have a choice and it begins with the good attitude
*There are many paths to take, just know where I am going and choose the right path
*Enjoy every step of the journey
*I have John's support
*Celebrate your victories
I was, also, very fortunate to meet up with a long time friend that I haven't seen in about 16-17 years, Jeanne and her husband Steve.  Jeanne and I worked together for several years at a doctors' office.  She has a contagious laugh and I loved hearing and seeing her laugh again.  I remember there was a time that at lunchtime would buy carnations and go downtown and randomly give them to people and wish them a Happy Day.  That fell in line with the random acts of kindness.  Now that our husbands have met, I sure hope we see reach other again.

The last part of what Brian said the day on the mountain was to have fun.  So I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.
I had fun!


  1. OMG!

    Any friend of mine who is brave enough to show her smiley face butt has my full respect!!!

    When are we going to get together?

  2. Thanks for sharing about your Sedona trip. I love the scenery, the red rocks... and even the smily face. lol



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