Saturday, November 17, 2012


I've given alot of thought to how amazing things can happen when you believe, with all our heart, that something grand can happen to us.  Grander than we can ever imagine!
My resolve has been to, Dream what seems to be an impossible dream. 
Wanna join me?
Tell me what your dreams would be. 
 I really want to hear them!

(this print will soon be added to my Etsy shop)


  1. Teresa I really love your painting.

    I have lots of big dreams Teresa. To write more than one book... learn to be wildly creative and allow that feminine creative energy to flow through me into whatever it is that I wish to create... share about my journey, my life, my lessons and experiences in life and help make a difference for others in what I have learned... do family genealogy research and write family books... and whatever ways I am meant to share my gifts and talents with the world... thank you for asking. xo

    1. Hi Suzanne-it is said that when you voice your dreams you give them power and the Universe steps right up to help you out. There is no doubt in my mind that you will achieve each and every one of your dreams. I marvel at all you have accomplished already. THANK YOU for sharing a piece of yourself with me.

  2. In my area we have a popular organization where volunteers can go and pack dry rice meals that are sent to starving children. It is wonderful because people of all ages and abilities can participate. My dream would be to create my own version of that. I think the recipe for the meals could use a bit of tweaking to be more nutritious. I would also like to make sure that every volunteer leaves feeling seen and appreciated. So we are "feeding" the volunteers too. Volunteers would be encouraged to pack there love and joy into the food & sing and bop along with the music if so moved (of course that needs to be balanced with packing plenty of food being careful of spilling).



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