Thursday, April 12, 2012

sneak peek

I wanted to give you a "sneak peek" of what I am working on. 

It has been weighing heavily on my heart for some of the people in my life that are going through a tough time right now.  I've been there and I know first hand how sometimes it feels like we are alone. 
When I woke up the next morning  this song from my childhood was in my head  and I knew, without a doubt,  I was on the right track for my next "simple reminder/simple truth".   We are never alone

It's not even half way done but I'm showing it to early because I want you to know that you are in my thoughts - this one is for you! 



  1. This is beautiful already, especially since it comes from your heart! I can't wait to see the finished piece, so I do hope you will share it again.

  2. Wow! Truly beautiful. Thanks for the sneak peak. I too can not wait to see the finished product. Keep creating!
    It's also very inspiring and true and will definitely lift many who are feeling alone.

  3. you're such a beautiful soul:)

  4. Hi, I just found your blog and I am so impressed with your positive personality. I have a thing about smiling and saying hello to everyone I make eye contact with, whether it's a neighbor passing by out for a walk, or all the folks at Wal-Mart. I find that smiles are so contagious and the best virus I know to spread around. You always have some folks that give you that, I don't know you and why are you speaking to me, look . . .but that's okay, because most people smile back. Then, once in awhile you even have a sweet conversation and it ends up brightening-up both your days a little. Your art also shows your sunny cheerful outlook, great job. Your newest follower, Connie :). P.S. Please accept my invitation to visit and follow my blog. I so much enjoy the camaraderie with other creative women.

  5. that is stunning, friend...
    truly breath-giving and soul-soothing
    and heart-keeping.
    thanks.....letting it wash over me:)
    glad sigh.
    grinning and grateful,



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