Saturday, April 21, 2012

the power of visualization

It always amazes me the lessons you can learn from children.

My granddaughter, Delaina, will be 3 in August.  Her mom & dad and I have been working with her the past couple of weeks teaching her how to ride her tricycle.  I even told her that when she learned how to ride the tricycle that I would buy her a Big Wheel.  Didn't seem to matter, she just wasn't getting the hang of it.  Even the Big Wheel didn't seem to phase her.  Then it dawned on me that she is a little kid and didn't know what a Big Wheel was.  I took my iPad to her house and googled images of Big Wheels.  She was fascinated !  She saw pictures of other little girls on their pink and purple Big Wheels.  She was quick to point out the one she wanted.  By the look in her eyes I could tell the light bulb was on!  We went outside with her tricycle and with a little, only a little, encouragement she was riding the tricycle.  I got teary eyed, I was soooooooooo excited for her!   She was just as excited that she could do it, too.  Bless her little heart!

We made a plan and marked the calendar that on Saturday (today) I would pick her up at 10:00 we would go buy her a Big Wheel and then have lunch.   When I got to her house to pick her up she was bouncing off the wall with excitement.  At one point, I caught her looking in the mirror and telling herself that she was getting a Big Wheel because she learned to ride a tricycle. 

Look at this little girl and know that she re-taught me the lesson of the power of visualization.  She saw what she wanted, she practiced, and accomplished the goal.  Now she is reaping the rewards.  She rode her Big Wheel around the block with pure joy! 

I have another perfect Grandma memory!


  1. you're the sweet grandma with the mostest:)
    what a beautiful heart is just
    lapping it up.

  2. What a great story Teresa! Sounds like you have a wonderful grand child.

  3. The little ones have much to teach us...if we let them.

    Your granddaughter is just a few months older than mine. They're the best, aren't they : )

  4. You are fortunate to have one another.

  5. What a fabulous story, let alone a great memory for Grandma! And the look on her sweet face is just priceless.

  6. What an amazing teacher you have! Thanks for helping us all think about that power within as well. What a gift (in so many ways)!



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