Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lessons along the way.

Ahhhhhhhh! (softly spoken)  This is my word for now.  It feels good to be busy creating, feeling like I am getting somewhere in this journey.  Sometimes the steps seem so small that I am barely moving and then there are those times that I am moving faster and getting somewhere.  I know for certain that if I keep moving I will get where I want to be.

I just finished an incredible 5 week ecourse with Kelly Rae Roberts.  I learned sooooooo much about how to take this passion of mine and turn it into a creative business.  Alot of what she taught will serve me later down the road.  One of the most valuable assets I acquired from this course is the amount of support from the other students, "flyers", that continues even after the course is over.  They are there to offer their advice, answer questions, and be your cheerleader.  Often times I felt intimidated by the progress the other students seem to be making and I felt I was taking so long.  I decided to stop comparing myself to others and continue to enjoy the journey.  And an old saying came back to me, "You can't eat an elephant whole, but you can bite, by bite, by bite." 

I am currently doing an on line course with  Suzi Blu learning how to draw faces.  I'm liking it!  My faces are starting to look more like people and less like aliens.  That's a good thing! 

My husband did an amazing thing for me! He made me this 8' long railing that can hold all my pieces I am currently working on.  These are the projects that I know need something else and I am not sure what.  With them being in my sight I am able to complete them much faster. 
The best part about this rail is that my husband made it for me.  I explained to him what I wanted and he took upon himself to make it a reality.  It's just another way he shows his support for what I am doing.  The depth of how I feel is difficult for me to put into words for the whole cyber space to see.  Just know that it is BIG!  With him on my side, is just one more reason for me to keep moving in the direction of my dream.
I'm a happy artist!!


  1. Wow! I can sense your excitement and determination, and it's so cool!

  2. Thank You Deb - I am so glad you are my cheerleader!



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