Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I have been up to.

I am just finishing my 2nd week of Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts.  When past students have said that her e-course is good, they weren't kidding.  It's even gooder!  :-)   We are being taught some very powerful stuff about social networking and the importance of using it to get your art out there.  Needless, to say... I've had myself planted in front of my computer for what seems like forever tweeking things, learning new things, and making changes.  I am now at a fairly comfortable  (I'm sure that will change) place to start enjoying the community, fellow flyers (students)  that are on their own creative path.  It's cool getting to know people that have the same aspirations.  I have started to build relationships when some of you already, there's just more people to meet.  I value everything I can learn from another person.  As Kelly Rae Roberts has said in one of her paintings "your story matters... tell it".  I'm right there ready to listen.


  1. I'm excited for you! So glad that you are enjoying your course, and I love the new tweaks to your blog.

  2. Hello fellow flyer! I've been checking out your blog and I really love the flow of things. You have many many great posts. And thank you for the nice comment, you are great!

  3. Hi Teresa! I really like your new greeting at the top of your blog! Your testimony about stepping outside of your comfort zone in the past and yet still allowing doubt to stop you from moving forward really resonates with me. It's so easy at times to fall prey to the nastiest of all naysayers, which is unfortunately myself. I do think my participation in "The Artist's Way" (I'm in Week 3!) has enabled me to be more cognizant of my negative internal dialogue.

    I'm so interested to hear more about Kelly Rae's course...this is something I'd be interested in doing at some point in the future!

    Hope you had a good (and safe) time at our State was pretty shocking to hear about the issues they were having there this year!



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