Wednesday, August 24, 2011

icing on the cake

Most of you know that in I April I registered for and  have been extremely excited to be taking painting/art classes at the CREATE mixed-media retreat which happens to be within 1-2 miles from my home.  How sweet is that?   It's getting closer and closer!  Thursday evening (as in tomorrow) I will be taking a class with  Joanne Sharpe about artful lettering.  Saturday I will be spending the entire day with Mary Beth Shaw in a class called A Craving for Circles.  Part of my creative journey has been learning more "techniques" to be able to incorparate in my art.  I am really starting to believe that I can do this.  That in itself is a wonderful feeling!
I got an email from Jenny Petricek, someone I met at the beginning of my creative journey, we have encouraged each other along the way and started to develop a friendship.  She is going to be at CREATE mixed-media retreat on Saturday, too.  We are planning on getting together after our classes.  I am soooooo happy to be able to finally meet her.  I've heard it said over and over again, "that it's not just about the art you create, it's also about the people you meet along they way".   I would have to say that is very true!


  1. By the time I read this it is already Thursday evening and you are at your class! I'm so excited for you and wish you a wonderful fabulous creative experience that enriches you.

  2. Hi Deb-
    As always... thanks for stopping by. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. The class was good. Alot to process. I am realizing that I need to loosen up and go with the flow. I know that will change with time and patience. It's 11:45pm and I can't sleep. In my mind I have a Pitt pen in my hand and I am drawing. So.... I thought I would get out of bed and give it a whirl!



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