Tuesday, March 15, 2011

starting again

I woke up this morning and was drawn to find a book I purchased a while ago called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  It was extremely easy to locate on my bookshelf, almost as if it was waiting me to seek it out.  I do remember the reason I bought it was because I wanted to find a way to be able to express myself more creatively.  The date inside the book says I purchased it  April 1999, 12 years ago.  Whew!! That's a long time ago!  I sometimes look back in regret that I didn't push a little harder to achieve my dreams.  Then I realize that regret will not get me anywhere, it will only keep me stuck.  I choose to move forward, even if it is only baby steps.   When those nasty little doubt thoughts creep into my mind I ask myself, "if not now, when?"  Now that I have discovered the book again and I can remember the feelings I had 12 years ago to achieve my dreams, the same feelings I have now, makes me more determined to see this thru.  The little question, "if not now, when?" has more of an impact.  I am more determined than ever to "start again", this time it is with the intention of finishing. 

Thanks for all your cheers, I can hear you in the distance!!!!


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