Sunday, January 5, 2020

Memories Triggered

It amazes me how memories are triggered and can flood back into your thoughts.
I am in the process of doing a major organization/clean-up/throw away process of my art studio. I intend to start teaching small groups (I'll tell you more about this later) in my studio so I need to make room.

Thru the clearing process I came across this painting I hadn't looked at in quite awhile. It was my very first painting ever from 3/21/96. My husband at that time, Greg, and I had moved to Flagstaff, AZ. and I didn't know anybody. One day I happened upon a Ben Franklin store. Back then Ben Franklin was equivalent to Michaels and Hobby Lobby but on a smaller scale. There was a notice of a painting class to meet once a week for 4 weeks. I was intrigued so... I signed up. I can recall that I loved going there and learning how to paint. The instructor guided the group step by step and to paint the exact same thing. Or so we thought! :-)

After 4 weeks, the end of the class, I brought my 11x14 painting home. I purchased a frame before I left the store and put my "masterpiece" in the frame. I found a prominent place to hang it. AHHH! My first painting. I was so excited!!!
It was long after this painting had been proudly on display that someone pointed out to me the pathway leading to the house didn't go where it was suppose to go. WHAT?!? OMGoodness!! They were right! And... the path to the double door building was too narrow. And... the apple barrel was in the center of the path leading to the double door building.

I don't recall how I felt yet I will assume that my joy was probably squashed!
Here it is 24 years later, I cross paths with this painting and all those memories return.  I sit with them for awhile and am filled with gratitude for the lessons learned.

Yesterday I put the art in a the pile to discard or paint over it. John sees it, I tell him the story then he asks what I was going to do with it. When I tell him what my intention is he said, "Don't do that. Keep it. It was your first painting. I'll hang it in my TV room if you don't want it."
His statement made me think. I am following his suggestion to keep it. I will find a prominent place to hang it in my studio and feel very proud to know it was my first painting. I will embrace the mistakes and all.


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