Monday, April 20, 2015


I've heard it said that variety is the spice of life.  I'm practicing he same concept in art.  I wanted to create several ladies that were different from each other.  I think I accomplished that.

She's titled Friday Night for obvious reasons.  She's a little sassy and sexy.  All dressed up and ready to party because it is... Friday Night.

One of my favorite pieces of art to do are the ones carrying a powerful message.  Her message is "your heart knows the way".  I am taking her little further so she can carry her message a long, long way.  I'll be sure to show you when she's done.

Today I decided to stretch myself and draw a a girl with a stylish look and an attitude to go with her.  I am  pleased with the results and I believe that her attitude is definitely coming across.

Each of these, plus many more, contain an aspect of my character.  And you know what?  Probably the same is true for you, too.  That's OK.  It makes us interesting!  Maybe I will consider to keep going in this direction to bring out more reflective characters.  Something to think about.

As always...  THANK YOU!


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