Thursday, September 6, 2012

just had to show you

I ordered a handbound book made by Erin Keane, she is a creative Late Bloomer who was featured in August.  I got it today in the mail.  My neighbor, Maureen, was with me when it came and we both squealed with delight.  It is sooo frickin cute!
she does custom work
Erin did all of the work herself, all the way to the binding of the book.  Just look at the artistry in the threading of the pages together.  Erin describes herself as being "careful and deliberate".  Which now I can attest to.  She applied one of my favorite art pieces to the top of the book.  The front and back of the book is wood and the process she used over the wood is encaustic.  The word “encaustic” means “to burn” and an encaustic artwork involves molten beeswax resulting in luminous glows, textured surfaces, and an ethereal sense of depth.  It is an ancient technique that has experienced a revival in contemporary art. The size of the journal is 4.5" x 3.5" which is perfect to sit on my coffee table.  I will be filling it full of positive saying that ring true for me.  I'll just sip on my tea and read memorable messages.  What a perfect place to showcase those tid bits of encouragement.

Check out Erin's website

Makes me want to see what I can make using encaustic techniques.


  1. This is beautiful and thank you for sharing Erin's work. I have never heard of encaustic artwork. I just checked it out and it's different and interesting. I love what you are going to use this beautiful book for Teresa.

    1. It is such a cool book. I am so anxious to put my first quote in it. The trouble is... I want it to be the BEST quote. I think I'll have to get over that or it may never get started. Perfectionism-been there, done that!

  2. Sooo glad you love your book! It was so cute I could barely give it up :) Maybe your first quote should be "Plant where you are bloomed"--it is significant to you for obvious reasons and also reflects your passion to connect the late bloomers.

    p.s. as a note for everyone--tomorrow I will be posting a free giveaway of an encaustic journal, similar to Teresa's in dimension, and featuring a photo transfer. Hop on over to my blog, become an Art-is-try Reader, and comment on the post when it publishes!


  4. Replies
    1. Hi Debbie! I'd love to help you out with that :) Here's my email:

      Also, head over to my blog and sign up, enter to win the free encaustic journal! We "Late Bloomers" can connect in so many ways!



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