Sunday, July 10, 2011

Artist's Way Week 12


I just finished week #12 of the Artist's Way.  In March I made a commitment to myself and out loud to begin, again, and this time finish the program.  I did it!  I would read the lesson, then listen to Effy Wild on you tube go over that week.  It was nice to have another take on the weeks lesson.  I would go on my merry way doing the tasks and assignments.  I've come out on the other side being more confident about the path I am on.  I loved, loved, loved doing the morning pages.  So much so  that I have decided to continue to do them.  I learned many things about myself along the way.  Some surprises!  I would highly recommend this program for any one interested. 

Tomorrow is the first week of Mondo Beyondo!!  YEAH!!

I did this art work for John's mother.  It's of his Father and Mother on their wedding day in 1948.


  1. Good for you, Teresa! I have read The Artist's Way, and even had a group of friends that who worked on it together at my house - years ago. We had a journaling group, and this book was our focus. I think I need to get it out again, and your post here inspires me to do that.

    Love the artwork you made. It's a lovely photo to begin with, and the framing is very nice.

  2. Hi, Teresa! I'm very interested to read about your sojourn through The Artist's Way! A few years ago, when I worked at Border's, I saw this book on the shelf all the time, and it definitely intrigued me. I was always tempted to purchase it, but I think I was a little scared, a little intimidated...I don't think I'd reached the place yet in my life in which I acknowledged my identity as an artist, or understood how necessary creativity is for my happiness and fulfillment. Now, I think this book would be so much more meaningful for me...and I think it could definitely help me to figure out what's next for me in terms of my creative journey. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with it!

    What a gorgeous piece you've created with this vintage photo! Your mother-in-law will treasure it for years to come...and it will also become an heirloom to be passed down in future generations!

    On a related note, I wanted to thank you so much for leaving such a beautiful, poignant comment about my altered book pages! I too am a passionate preserver of personal histories of our elders, and realize that all too often we neglect to do the research necessary to understand where they (and we) have come from. There are so many questions I wish I would've asked my own grandparents and older relatives before they passed on...I think my artwork tends to be a way of expressing what I do know...and filling in the blanks about what I don't.



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