Thursday, June 16, 2011

It was Divine Intervention

Last night, at approx 9:00 pm, I went into my studio with the intention to create some art. I ended up sitting there looking at a blank piece of acrylic paper. All sorts of yucky, fearful, negative thoughts and emotions started to swarm around in my head. After a while of sitting and staring-sitting and staring I became teary eyed. I wanted sooooo much to create and all I could come up with was a blank stare, I felt frozen. Out of frustration I finally affirmed loudly, with a few swear words, (thank goodness I was home alone) that "I CAN DO THIS! Just guide me!" I, also, remembered that someone said "there is no failure in making art-just begin". That is exactly what I did. I started putting paint on my fingers and smearing it on all over the acrylic paper. With the help of some divine intervention, I got in the groove and created this piece below. I was up until 2:30 am and I loved every minute of it, even the beginning. I learned, once again, to believe! Seems to be my theme song these days!


  1. Oh, Teresa, this is so powerful! The story of your struggle and staying with the process, your tears, and the message on this artwork... I'm so moved by this. Art is healing, isn't it?

    Sending you loving thoughts and prayers

  2. Teresa, thanks so much for sharing your struggles with us, as well as for allowing us to witness the ways you've relied upon art to pull you through this difficult period.

    We can all learn from this story, as well as the idea illustrated in your piece. In the last year, I too have often felt not "good enough"...and your piece here has perfectly converted that feeling into words and imagery for me!



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